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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 9, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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eir only victim. >> investigators released this video in hopes that there might be other victims out there who have not come forward yet. >> went back to the same block and found a woman who said her purse was stolen and she was pistol-whipped on the same day within the same hour as the woman in the video. >> and i'm so scared. >> we showed her the video. the suspects. >> yeah, it's him. i'm sure it's him. >> the woman reported the incident when it happened, but she didn't realize her neighbor had been mugged, too. >> it's so dangerous. >> what do you think your neighborhood needs to do now? >> i'm not sure. >> would it help if you guys communicated and talked and got together? >> yeah, ah-ha. i think so. >> community involvement is paramount. >> oakland police say chinatown is a perfect example of a community that's mobilizing against crime. >> not only a friend burks it
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could be you or me. time to do something. >> the police helped them set up a neighborhood crime prevention council, surveillance cameras and crime was cut down substantially. the cameras were rolling for this victim but now police want neighbors to organize, communicate and cooperate with them. the reason being is that police say the criminals are better organized than the neighbors. police say the two men they arrested are part of a gang that's been victimizing oakland residents for some time. reporting at oakland police headquarters i'm allen wong, abc7 news. >> a dozen members. local gangs were taken off the streets during a predawn raid yesterday morning. the operation cease-fire raid expand the entire bay area. with the help. at least 14 other law enforcement agencies they served 24 high risk search warrants 20 in oakland, two antioch one in pacifica and one in brentwood. this is video of the raise
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provided by the police departments showing a remote control robot to scout some of the targeted locations. the raise resulted in arrests of tomb of the most notorious gaining. police are looking for half a dozen more suspects. >> there were key peopleathpu÷ in the raid. now this morning people are looking into crime stats. 2800 property crimes were reported in 2012 a crease over 2011 and highest figure since 19 the 5. it generally reflects a statewide trend. san jose ranks fifth among
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america's safest large cities. a famous berkeley restaurant owner is hoping to be back in business in the next week or so after spendth night making repairs to the iconic he connecticut. the main upstairs diningupathyoeñ the panisse. >> what better place to go for your birthday. that was the plan. we are lucky we live down the street. so we will come back. >> the fire start the just after 3:00 in the morning. the apparent cause is a faulty electrical box under the front porch. main dining room upstairs is fine thanks to a sprinkler
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system bum the will be some repair work. it opened in 1971 and is theath reopen next weekend. >> throughout the evening people stopped to look at the damage including one woman who had her wedding kinner here. >> my husband said it burnt down and i said no! it looks like it is going to be all right. >> there was another fire here almost 31 years ago to the day. insurance will cover the repair work here, as well as the salaries of employees. in berkeley, john allegesston, abc7 news. >> bay area rapper mc hammer is
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telling his fans that charges filed against him in dublin have been dropped. police say hammer was pulled over last month because he was driving a car with expired tags and the car wasn't his. hammer was charged with resisting arrest and suspicion of obstruction but he tweeted last night thank you to all my friends and supporters. all charges declined dropped. have a great weekend. dublin police have not returned our calls about that tweet. a central california cat sanctuary will reopen tomorrow following wednesday's a attack where a lion killed an intern. >> the volunteer intern was on her cell phone some say when the lie on pounceed on her and killed her instantly. anderson says hanson was following amount of the private zoo's protocols. sheriff's determine futures shot and killed the 4-year-old lion. >> construction crews are about to mark another milestone in the completion of the new eastern
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eastern span of the bay bridge. they will pour the final slab near the oakland touchdown toll plaza. it's significant because they moved up the timeline to allow both directions to open labor day weekend. the original plan had the westbound lanes opening first and the eastbound in 2014 but them found a way to complete it from both directions nine months early. repair work continues nonstop in a san francisco neighborhood where a water main broke last week. the immediate crisis is over. but now residents have months of worrying and wait ag head of them. abc7 news reporter heather ishimaru has the details from the westportal neighborhood. >> road repair andath%t
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that led to sink holes in places they hadn't been before and holes red tagged because of them. some were alarmed when the new homes were ex-eed from environmental impact reports. they worried about water flow and it might undermine land under existing homes. the project was exempted from an ier because the city felt there was nothing unusual about the plans. cause of the pipe break is still being analyzed and we may never know if the new home construction played a role. it will be months of waiting and watching for residents in homes with all levels of damage, and months of fighting with insurance companies. >> all state will not -- still will not cover us. they won't touch it. they said they are not legally obligated, which they aren't but i think morally they are obligated to do something. >> residents got aviates from a man that his his home flooded
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three times from a broken city water pipe. >> i don't want these people to suffer like i have. i will worked 20 years for that home. it took me ten years to build and work on that garden. >> supervisor scott between he were said diamond heights has more than its share of water pipe problems. something about the way the pipes were originally laid in about 40 or 45 years ago n westportal, abc7 news. it is 6:10, lisa argen. keeping an eye on the forecast for us. which doesn't look half bad if you have outdoor plans today. >> it is changing. yesterday was beautiful but it felt cold with the northwesterly winds. today the change is in the air. emeryville right now nice-looking shot. we have clear skies but it is near freezing in parts of the bay area. i'll talk about our warmup, our extended outlook which features a prolonged drying trend. i'll have that for you next. >> lisa, thank you. also more violence erupts in
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egypt after a court makes a decision in the deadly soak riot. the new minimum wage in san jose starts monday.
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>> developing news right now in egypt will protesters have set the soccer headquarters on fire. a police building is also on fire. heavy black smokes can be seen over cairo. protesters are angry because a court acquitted 7 of the police officials who were on trial for their alleged roles in a deadly stadium riot last year. another two officers were convicted and sentenceed to 15 years in prison. the court also confirmed the
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death sentences of 21 civilians involved in the riots which left 74 people dead. starting monday san jose minimum wage workers are getting a two dollars an hour wage bumping it up to ten dollars an hour. it will test claims that willath-< boss. >> next week the minimum wage goes up two dollars a week. >> it will come in handy, try too buy a car. that's always hard. >> but others are leading the warning about looking at a gift horse in the mouth. >> it will be nice having the two dollars extra but it will be interesting to see how everything pans out. >> he is wondering if their hours will be cut effectsively taking away the increase. that's a possibility, as fourth
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street pizza tries to calculate the impact of the higher wage. it has 20 part-time and full-time employees. paying two dollars an hour more raises expense was $2,500. prices for pizza, appear advertise speakers drinks have already been raised by 25 cents to a dollar to help cover the higher wage and customers take it out on the employees. >> some people do say some stuff and get a little bit of that. >> do they tip less as a result of that? >> i think people get upset and then not tip at all. >> opponents of the minimum wage hike warn small bases may be hurt. it maybe customers who determine in that happens. >> they start raising the prices up for a dollar, two dollars more, the whole reason i come here is because it's accessible cheap and fast. but they raise it up i probably wouldn't go out of my way to stop there. >> some companies, such as aj auto detailing, have already been paying their workers over ten dollars an hour. higher wage has led to better morale and lower turnover. >> right now this kind of labor is very hard to find it so we
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have to pay very well otherwise they will look for another job. >> you don't want to lose good employees. >> no. they are here for a long time. >> in san jose david louie abc7 news. promising news for the 49ers about the team's new santa clara stadium. our media partner, san jose mercury news, reports the team sold three quarters of seats at the new stadium for $403 million and that's roughly equal for the cost spent to build the stadium so far. the team said it's on to be to sell out completely before the start of the 2014 season when the niners will begin playing in the south bay. and speaking of the niners quarterback collin kaepernick may not have come home with a ring, but judge being by the people who came out to greet him yesterday, he's still a winner. hundreds of 49er faithful turned out for an autograph and to have their picture taken with collin kaepernick. >> he's so sweet oh, my god any girl would love to have him.
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i'm telling you, he's a doll! i love you kaepernick. and i'm grandma. >> that cracks me up. despite the team's loss to the baltimore ravens last month, cap he were neck has not lost his star power, as you just heard. the line stretched out the front door, around the corner and down the street. he does have a nice smile. very cute. >> we are look agent beautiful dale today. clouds lingering the south bay but everyone will see sunshine less wind and a warming trend. right now doppler hd nice and quiet. we had a. >> action yesterday. in the south bay, you will picked i am nearly half-inch. rain in san jose. but right now we are looking at rainfall percentages dipping down to 70% of normal. so definitely need some rain. we will see if it's in the outlook. we are also looking at the sunrise this morning. beautiful. another ten minutes or so. with the clear sky in san francisco the numbers have dropped. we are talking about 30s in
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the north bay. santa rosa 37. napa 39. fairfield 39 for you and 31 in livermore. union city and gilroy mild in the mid-40s. from emeryville, looks a little hazyath%tfor the weekend. it will be milder today. the weather will last through much. the work week. not spring, quite yet that's march 20th but we spring forward tonight losing the hour of sleep.athtwe were
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yesterday. 67 in san jose today. the skies cleared and the strong winds are offshore, but already they have filtered in that cooler air yesterday. as a result, 7 degrees colder, 4 degrees colder in livermore. so high pressure sits offshore but that's changing. it's building in. we will look for the dry and warmer weekend ahead. and with that looks like that high is going to stick around for a while. waking up to the 20s in the northern sierra and mid-30s. look at the 70s from chico to sacramento and the rain and clouds moving out of southern california. back home beautiful today in the south bay. 65 santa clara and on the peninsula. mid-60s should do it for palo alto. 63 in pacifica but cooler ocean beach. 62 daly city. in the north bay the 70s. 68 vallejo. near east bay we are talking mid-60s for castro valley and fremont today.
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beautiful day in pleasanton for the little leagueers. the look ahead you notice the numbers, the 70s they are sticking around, especially in the inland valleys even around the bay. come the upcoming work week. and then cooler but you know that's relative. still have the 70s. a few high clouds for thursday and friday. abc7 news is another great weather resource for you. follow us on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine and video forecasts, spare the air alerts and power outage information and tweets from our favorite weather team. we are always talking about something. >> thank you lisa. coming up next glasses not allowed. the bar that won't let you
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>> 6:23. let's go to new york. bee oftenna joins us live to tell us what is coming up at seven on "good morningath q watches or advisories. ginner will bring you the latest.
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also star turned activist. ashley judd settle her eyes on washington as they considers running for the kentucky senate seat. she may be a star in hollywood but will she come out on top in that arena. and justin beiber has been having one rough week. he got back on stage last night in london for another performance. was he able to pull himself together or should we begin to worry about the young star? and it's the most incredible barbie collection you have ever seen. this man has more than 2000 barbies, a $1,000 barbie dream house with a working shower and elevator, and overathp;tuñ girl's dream come true. >> a dive bar in washington
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state is saying if you want to drink, first you have to take off the new google glasses if you have them. five point bar in seattle is warning people they are going to have to take the glasses off to come in. the reason? the owner is worried about privacy, and he describes his customers as the seeddy type. his words. he says they don't want their pictures taken and blasterd only the internet. they say there's nothing the glasses will do that the cell phone can't. the google glasses won't be available for months. put that controversy on the back burner. the indiana man just got a free year-long subscription to netflix. as a joke between friends he got this netflix tattoo and then he post add picture of it on twitter. the people at netflix saw it and retweeted saying noel way! free year for you. a year's subscription costs costsathathath♪ with so much competition
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finding the right job is never easy. but with the nation's largest alumni network including those in key hiring positions,
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university of phoenix can help connect you to a world of opportunity. ath&yt
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beautiful out there? tomorrow we set our clocks ahead. if you thought it was cool yesterday, you are right. in fact, temperatures were offset by those gusty northwest winds. today the winds are going to back off. it's cold this morning. upper 30s to the upper 40s. this afternoon up he were 50s at the coast. but around the bay some up he were 60s. our north bay valleys could see about 70 and this evening we will be mostly clear and numbers still in the 50s. we're looking even mildner the days ahead. i'll have the seven dale outlook for you a little later. katie. >> lisa, thank you. breaking news in the north bay where a police chase this morning has come to a crashing conclusion. it began with a robbery at a wal-mart store. abc7 newsroomer kira klapper is live with details. >> katie, it all edged here at
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american canyon mobile home park. as you said, it started as an armed robbery. take a look where it ended in this man's front yard. tire tracks tearing through his front yard. the cause of that is this truck behind me. we are waiting for the tow truck to come and pick it up. truck may have been stolen. it belonged to an armed robbery suspect. plane get you to the video where it started outside of a wal-mart. a man went inside wal-mart and said he had a gun and took a tv. police intercepted him about a mile and a half later. three patrol units chased him actually around, looped around this mobile home park at high speeds. the man rammed one of the patrol cars and another patrol car had to ram him and stop him. open wouldn't give up. they tazed him to get him under control. he's at the hospital being treated but he's in police custody. elk charged officially later today and arrested for four felonies. armed robbery, felony evading
6:29 am
officers assault with a dealedly weapon and possession of stolen property. still an active scene here. they are still investigating how the crash happened. they know that he hit one of the officers first and the officers, as a result, had to hit him and stop him. looks like the tow truck is just arriving to pick up that truck right now. that will be taken and investigated to see if, in fact it was that man's car. again, an armed robbery suspect in custody in american canyon this morning. reporting live in american canyon kira klapper, ab7 news. >> thank you. new this morning partly cloudy says he remains focused on finding a way to replace the automatic spending cuts that took effect on march 1st. he hopes to break the gridlock by both parties in congress. they failed to reach a compromise on a less severe plan. he said in his weekly address the economy remains the priority but he's willing to reach out to
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find common ground on immigration reform and gun control also. >> earlier this week for example, i met with some republican senators to see if there were smarter ways to grow our economy and reduce our deficit than to arbitrate cuts and the so-called see quest they're recently went into place. we had an open and honest conversation about critical issues like immigration and gun control and other areas where we can move ahead to move the country forward. next week i will ascend both the republican and democratic party meeting in the capital to continue those discussions. >> alabama senator jeff sessions gave the republican response, insisting ball lawmakers balance the federal budget. there are a lot of fees we pay on our utility bills. most ever small but dollar by dollar it adds up and statewide it adds up to billions of dollars. as our reporter found out, the state hasn't been paying much attention to all that money. >> they have demonstrated it has not been tracking these accounts
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veryathg/)uñ going to special accounts to pay for various programs. the fee is often based on how much the programs need. >> the forecasts were wrong and that is not acceptable. the rate payers were not harmedath_
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toath,$ >> how can it double? >> in this year we will increase the fee level to accommodate the program needs. >> do you guys even know what you are doing? >> that's not a fair question. of course, we know what we are doing. >> while promising to do better, they insist they have the best fee setting practice necessary the country. in sacramento, nannette miranda abc7 news. >>. this morning solano county law enforcement agencies are holding a gun buy back. their goal is to get illegal and unwanted guns off the streets.
6:33 am
participants will be paid $100 forehand guns, shotguns and rivals in working condition and $200ath; c. next week. >> they are just trying to make sure that nobles gets hurt. there are eight american children killed every day. it's unacceptable. the group expects hundreds of other mothers to attend next week's rally on capitol hill. legislation is currently make its way through the cincinnati. cardinals in vatican city has selected tuesday as the day
6:34 am
they will begin vote fourth the next man to lead the world's one billion catholics. cardinals gathered this morning for one last session of congregation. meanwhile preparations for tuesday's conclave continue in the sistine chapel. the stove where the cardinals will burn their ballots is under construction, as are the seats where the 115 cardinals will sit during their street deliberations. new this morning high school girls who can't afford to buy a prom dress will be lining up in san francisco shortly to pick out a dress for free. the 1th annual princess project given way take place at market and church street with more than 4,000 degrees choose from. they are available in all colors and sizes and any girl with a valid high school id can't shop for a dress u don't have to have prove you need financial aid. bracelets to gain entry will be handed out starting at 7:00. less than 30 minutes to go and the doors open at 8:30 and groups of shoppers will be am
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loud in every half-hour while dress supplies last. coming up, an e-mail assistant. look how much more productive you can be if you let someone else sort through your e-mail. and a look outside. a gorgeous sunrise over the bay area this morning. the forecast looking
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>> this is abc7 news. how would you feel about a total stranger going through your e-mail? that's the question pose bid a stanford research project.
6:38 am
as abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom found out the answer has everything to do with what you get in return. >> you probably wouldn't hand your car keys to a total stranger. unless that stranger is a valet park ag ten can't. in fact some cars come with a special key that limits what value hays can do. >> they can drive the car but not open the trunk. likewise which are thinking what it would be like to have valet software. >> professor michael bernstein is an advisor on a graduate research project called e-mail valet. it aims to save you time and energy by having an assistant comb through your g mail in box for you. >> assistant can see your e-mails and perform a limit. amount of actions based on the user's request. and they can help them cope with e-mail overload. >> this student create program wherefore about two dollars a day peruser an assistant who works part-time from home can read just the e-mails you want them to see and turn your messy in box into a tiedky to do list.
6:39 am
it's something computers aren't good at on their own. >> people do a much better job than machines negotiating everyday life. >> you canathq÷ on their list. >> we realize people get less concerned about privacy when they start receiving benefits from an assistant. >> the less than 4% of the online survey respondents initially said they would share their in box. about the 0% of those who use the the service wanted to keep it. sadly for them it's still a research project but it could become a business. >> google projects came out of
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this floor. >> abc7 news. >> on this saturday morning, lisa is looking outside for us. a gorgeous sun advice this morning. loving that. >> yeah, very pretty. still a few clouds lingering in parts of the south bay. the sun just officially rose at 6:29 and setting at 6:12. you heard about us preaching about setting your clocks ahead. we have more to talk about, including a warmer forecast. that's next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead linsanity back in [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha!
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[ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's
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on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. in? >> welcome back and thanks four joining us. coming up, you are looking live from our damage cam. a beautiful sun advice this morning. enjoy this view. be glad you are enjoying it from the indoors because it's cold out there. in the 30s. but to the north, like in santa rosa, it will be warm today, getting up into the 70s. we have that to look forward. to we can also look forward to lisa argen's forecast which is coming up just of a sports. let's start with sports. tonight monta ellis returns to the arena as the warriors meet the milwaukee bucks. last night they tried to win their third straight game in an important match-up against the
6:44 am
houston rockets. here's rick kwan with the highlights of this morning's sports. >> good morning. last night the warriors were looking for their first win against the rockets this season. let's go out to or cal. the jeremy lin fan club is alive and well. david lee missed most of the first half with a banged up knee. he were made this shot before leaving. thompson tries to pick up the slack a great drive here. the rockets led by one at the half thanks to a 22-7 run. chandler parsons with the tip-in. golden state look for a spark. andrew bogus from outside connects for his second career three-pointers. but they couldn't pull it off. james harden had an off night pull here he connects to put the rockets on top by three. lin had 15 points. a nice lay-up here. the warriors managed just 12 points in the final atho
6:45 am
quarter and lose >> women's basketball, cal wins and faces ucla in today's final. top-seed stanford no problem with washington state. conference player of the year could not be stopped. 23 points and 21 rebounds. the behind the back pass to joslin. 7 the-60, the final. cardinals will now play colorado in their semifinals. at the men's wcc tournament santa clara against loyola marymount. anthony ireland put them on top with five seconds left. the break with the foulath áu
6:46 am
classic. in the third adrian gonzalez takes r.a. dickey deep for a two-run blast. it made it 4-0 mexico. sergio romo romo got theathv< at 13 under par he leads by 2 strokes. that is sports for saturday morning. i'm rick kwan. have a great day. >> lisa argen, keeping an eye on the forecast for us and change is in store? >> yes.
6:47 am
and most people will like it, even though, you know, we do need some rain. we will check out the live doppler first. check out the atmosphere and see if there's motion out there. there isn't. the official sunrise was at 6:29, setting 6:1. 11 hours 42 minutes of take light and it rises tomorrow earlier. we look for a longer day to enjoy the weather. next week plenty of mild averages with temperatures well above normal. fear not if you are one of the ones working over the weekend. 36 in santa rosa 39 napa. 39 fairfield w the clear skies for the longer night, the lengths of the night we are looking at cooler numbers in the north bay. east bay though, still some 40s. 45 union city. gilroy 46. that's a cool location with the cloud cover. they have held on to some
6:48 am
warmth. you are looking at clear conditions here. 42 oakland and 46 in san jose. good morning half moon bay. 48 for you. another ten degrees of warming there will keep you in the up he were 50s today at our coast. but elsewhere we will be warmer for the weekend. in fact today we will look for penalty. 60s springing forward at 2:00 a.m. i want to give you a point of reference to see where we should be and how much warmer we will be today. so this column, the average is in the low to mid-60s. the forecast today just a couple degrees before the average. soy you will notice the warming trend getting underway today but tomorrow tack on another two to three degrees of warming and we will be above the average. but it is cold this morning. the blue indicates the cooler numbers from oakland to hayward. 7 degrees gold novato where the cloud cover has been hanging on. not much change in san jose. we will look for those nights to get a little bit milder in the days ahead. high pressure continues to build on in and warm things up for us.
6:49 am
starts out today with the dryer and warmer pattern. the northwesterly winds backingathx?r look at full sunshine. 67 san jose. 63 pacifica. downtown 64. . >> leaguers getting ready today in san francisco. up in the north bay some. the warmer numbers from 70 in cloverdale, 65 sausalito. near east bay look at the mid-60s today. 65 san leandro and out over the hills. pleasanton today 67 and livermore about the same. the look ahead will be even warmer tomorrow with about 60 at our coast and 70 inland. it gets milder monday through wednesday. a few high clouds on thursday and friday, bringing the numbers down just a little bit.
6:50 am
but that onshore flow increase business the end of the work week. very spring-like. >> thank you, lisa. coming up next, helping children with cancer. how you can support a northern california camp where the kids
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6:52 am
6:53 am
. >> hire are the winning numbers from last night's $33 million mega-millions draw. 4, 11, 25, 34, 35 and the meganumber is 44. nobody correctly picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $41 million. new this morning the nonprofit okeizoo will be hosting it's 14th annual art inspiring hope gala. black tie fundraising event hopes to raise half a million dollars to benefit children with cancer. it take place at the san francisco design center con scoring. tickets are still available. the family-oriented camp is more than 30 years ago to provide a sense of normalcy for children diagnosed with cancer. abc7 news anchor cape lin johnson will be speaking at tonight's fundraiser. tickets are still available if you can help out the great cause. for more information there's a link on you're web page. go to and once you
6:54 am
are there click on see it on tv. they sure look like think are having fun. gorgious weather whatever day that individual crow wags taken. >> yeah. pretty soon it will feel better around here. we are warm he were. here's a look from our east bay camera. vollmer peak, you see all the clear sky. boy, is it beautiful out many there. sun sets at 6:1 and today will be warmer. how much warmer in the mid-60s at our coast. san francisco i should say. upper 50s at our coast. look at the 70s from the north bay, maybe around the dealt ought. santa cruz and the look ahead even warm he were. right on through much. the upcoming work week. don't forget to set your clock ahead tonight. >> and it's three weeks earlier this year. crazy. thanks so much for
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good morning, america. this morning, washed away. a powerful winter storm plunges homes into the ocean on the east coast. meanwhile, on the west coast, a new blizzard moving in. which major city is looking at a foot of snow? new this morning, installing the chimney that will send the white smoke to announce a new pope. with the top-secret conclave set to begin tuesday, why is there no front-runner? ready to run? the hollywood action star seriously considering what could be the toughest role of her life. why ashley judd may run for senate against one of america's
6:58 am
most powerful republicans. as i found out, she knows how to throw a punch. and justin bieber's bad week. back on stage after a night at the e.r. what he said to his fans after his meltdown. >> [ bleep ] you say? >> fighting with photographers. showing up late for a concert. and spending a night in the hospital. is the young star spiraling out of control? justin bieber in a bad mood. never really see him like that. >> it's been a rough week for him. >> it has. we're in a good mood this morning. we have a lot to talk about, including the growing backlash against the new tsa policy that allows people to bring pocket knives on planes. a lot of people confuse about this one. now pilots, air marshals and flight attendants are sounding the alarm. we'll tell you what they're doing about it and whether they're likely to succeed on this. >> so many people scratching
6:59 am
their heads about it. it really doesn't make sense. you're not allowed to bring certain size liquid bottles. how is this safer? >> are they less dangerous than box cutters? it's a tough question. we'll get to that coming up. on a lighter note, is she saying no to stilettos? sarah jessica parker, known for
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